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You have to see the ball to hit it.                     If you try to get more you end up with less.                     Hitting never changes!                     If you could think and hit brain surgeons would be in the hall of fame.                     Hitting is a visual and mechanical process.                     Trust your eyes.                     Getting into position to hit is more important than hitting.
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Welcome to Our Overby Hitting Center

Overby Hitting Center's purpose is to prepare baseball and softball players to compete and succeed. The mechanics and mental approach we teach is what separates us from other instructors.
Teaching students how to hit and diagnose the mechanics brings good results. No magic dust, just hard work a little success and encouragement.
How our kids view themselves may be our biggest achievement. Confidence in yourself plays a big roll in playing sports and in the class room.
We teach skills, our kids understand doing the skill well does not make them a good person and doing the skill poorly does not make them a bad person. It's just a skill!
Continual encouragement to work at the skill until they have mastered it helps develop a healthy self image. These skills can be duplicated until it happens naturally.
Our students understand you will never work so hard at anything just to have fun!


Facility rental for teams. $50.00 for 2 hours Cage rental $25.00 per hour prorated for time used. Team batting practice's we provide all instruction in these sessions. $10.00 per player 10 player minimum. We supply baseballs and softballs Our facility is often rented for parties call for specifics




Instruction at Overby Hitting Center combines many years of playing and learning from very good coaches. Defensive positioning Proper throwing techniques Foot work for all positions. Mental game Hitting once you learn the Visual Hitting Process you will be able to hit in all situations.


We offer monthly memberships. Often Moms and Dads want to work with their kids inside. Our memberships allow you to bring a friend to workout with. The charge for memberships is $40.00 per month.